At Scoop Wholefoods, sustainability and the environment drives everything we do. We've set ourselves an ambitious goal of being completely carbon neutral by 2025. But we know the work doesn't stop there. From improving our systems to minimise waste in our stores to collaborating with our suppliers to reduce their footprint we are commited to improving our food systems and the environment for the long run.


Removing the need for single-use plastic.

40% of plastics produced globally are used for food packaging. These plastics are often single use and unable to be recycled. Our concept completely removes the need for single-use plastic in food packaging. Shop with one of our recycled paper bags that can be reused for your fresh produce shops or bring in your own jars to go completely zero waste.


Building Circularity

Despite all of the work Scoop does to minimise single-use packaging on the consumer side, it doesn't eliminate the packaging we receive our products in. We have organised recycling programs with several of our suppliers to reuse the bulk packaging their products are delivered in. Otherwise this packaging is reused in store for storage, to pack Click & Collect orders and properly recycled at the end of it's lifespan.


Buy Only What You Need

From 2010-2016, global food waste comprised 8-10% of total global greenhouse gas emissions. We work hard to make sure our stock is always fresh, and as a result little to none of our stock is lost due to spoilage. Plus when you are bulk shopping you can buy that exact 120g of flour for your recipe - no waste at home!

Since our opening, you have helped save over 1200 tonnes of plastic from ending up in landfills and our oceans.


Building a Responsible Supply Chain

As Scoop Wholefoods has grown, it has been able to drive sustainable production through its careful selection of suppliers and product creators. For our produce, products are either grown locally or in the region where the climate is best suited to grow that product. This is to reduce emissions associated with transport or agricultural systems to maintain crops.


Investing in Sustainable Production

Many of Scoop Wholefoods' suppliers engage in sustainable and/or organic farming practices. These practices allow for more diverse and resilient ecosystems as well as higher quality produce. It also reduces emissions associated with synthetic fertilisers and increases carbon sequestration.

Over 90% of our products are grown and made using sustainable production including organic farming and sourcing renewable materials.

The work doesn't stop at carbon neutral, this is only the beginning.

Circularity is at the core of our business model. Whilst we work to reuse and recycle as much of our materials as possible, there are some things that slip through the cracks. We are working with our suppliers to reuse and repurpose our bulk packaging in addition to building our own recycling programs for the glass jars we sell our products in.

Bettering our environment starts with empowering local communities. We are committed to investing in local grassroots organisations. Have a cause you think we should hear about? Feel free to reach out.