Frequently Asked Questions

Shopping with Scoop In-Store

I want to cook with your products but don’t know where to start. I’ve never seen or used some of these products before. Do you have any recipes available?

Why don’t you sell ground spices and superfood powders in bulk?

Are your bulk products free from cross contamination?

Can I buy your products online?

Do you have a Membership / Loyalty Programme?

Shopping with Scoop Online

Why can't I find a product I purchased recently in stores?

Where can I find the nutritional information for the products?

Can I get my order shipped to me?

Who do I contact about my order if I have questions/problems once it has been processed?

How do I collect my order and what happens if I miss my collection time?

Something was wrong with my order when I received it, who do I contact? Can I return or exchange my products?